Facebook Metadata Fields

If you are using Facebook and would like to get some statistics on how many links from Facebook are pointing to your site and how much these had been clicked, you can register you website at Facebook Insights.

You first have to register your domain linked to your user profile or alternatively to an Facebook App. For the latter you first have to additionally register at https://developers.facebook.com as a developer, create an App and then you can use this App ID in your webpages metadata to link both together (I have not done this by myself).

Using Blogless you just go to the settings page and add one of your App ID or to your user profile. Each of both is just a number. While registering your domain in Facebook, Facebook will sense the given data and link to it and sample statistics over time.

Metadata Settings for Facebook

Beware to edit and re-create every page, but at least the index page on the root of your domain, so that the metadata gets written.