Images, Twitter Cards and Open Graph in Blogless

Blogless not only supports pictures in articles and can manage them from within each article's edit page. From now on also images are part of the Open Graph and Twitter Card meta information.

  1. If you save an image called article.jpg, article.png, article.gif or article.svg besides an article, it is taken as the articles picture for to show up when the article's url is referenced on Facebook or Twitter and maybe Google.
  2. If no picture is given, but your email, the Gravatar picture is taken automatically.
  3. If no picture and no email is given, no picture will be added as intended.

Remark: Your email address never gets published! It just establishes the link to your Gravatar picture.

Have a look, how this article may be shown, this is a screenshot of Twitters Card Validator:

Example of an Twitter Card generated by Blogless